Account verification

  • Why are you asking for my documents?

    As a regulated company, we operate in accordance with several Anti-Money laundering and Identity Theft Laws as well as a number of compliance related procedures imposed by our regulatory authorities: CySEC, ASIC and IFSC.

  • How do I verify my account?

    You can upload your documents through your account:
    Account Options > Account verification or send them by email to

  • What supporting documents do I need to provide?

    In regards to our KYC (Know Your Client) procedures, you are required to provide a colour copy of a valid Identity document and a recent proof of address (electricity, gas, water, phone, oil, Internet and/or cable TV contract, bank account statement), which states your name, address and a recent (within 3 months) date.

  • Can I open an account by providing a different identification document instead of my passport?

    Yes. A valid ID card or driver's license are also acceptable.

  • Will I receive an email or notification confirming my account's status?

    You will receive an automated email confirming your account status as soon your account is fully verified.

  • How can I update my personal information?

    If you wish to update your email address, phone number or your residential address, please send your request to along with any requisite supporting document.

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