Fees & Commissions

  • What is the premium fee?

    Keeping a position open after a specific hour (approximately 22:00GMT (21:00DST)), as shown in the Xtrade trading platform display screen "Details", subjects you to an Xtrade funding premium that is subtracted from your account. This premium covers the benefit/cost of the associated funding.
    Trade settlement occurs two business days (T+2) after the trading day (opening/closure of a position). The day of settlement is also called the value day.
    Note: Trades that remain open on Wednesday at 22:00GMT (21:00DST) incur an additional 2 night's premiums (for a total of 3) because the original settlement day Friday (T+2) has now been pushed off to the next available business day (Monday). The same principal applies to overnight trades initiated 3 days before bank holidays.

  • What is the Inactivity fee?

    An Inactive Account Fee of $5 USD per month is assessed to Xtrade accounts that are inactive. An account is considered inactive if there has been no trading activity for a period of 3 months.

  • Does Xtrade charge any deposit/withdrawal fees?

    Xtrade does not charge any fees for deposits/withdrawal processing. However banks and/or intermediaries banks, processor's fees may apply. We do not accept any responsibility for such fees.

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