• How can I request a withdrawal?
    Please perform the following steps:
    • Log in to your Xtrade account
    • Click "Withdraw" on the main Web Trader page
    • Please enter the amount and submit it by clicking the "Withdraw" button.
    • To complete your request, please print a withdrawal form, sign it manually and send it to withdrawals@xtrade.com or by fax: +44 203 807 4002
    • Once your request is complete, the information is forwarded to us for processing. You will receive an email confirmation of your withdrawal request.
  • How do I check the status of my withdrawal request?

    Click Account Options > Funds Management > Withdrawal requests and then you will see a new pop up window with full details of your withdrawals.

  • Can I cancel my withdrawal request?

    You can cancel your request at any time while its status is "Pending"

  • Why was my withdrawal rejected?
    Withdrawal requests may be rejected for one or more of the following reasons:
    • Your account is not fully verified. (Please note that your account must be fully verified prior to the withdrawal process. A list of documents required can be found here. In extreme circumstances, the Company reserves the right to request additional documentation.)
    • We did not receive a signed withdrawal form.
    • A withdrawal form is not manually signed, we received only parts of it or it states a date of withdrawal which was already rejected.
    • We were unable to transfer funds to the bank/e-wallet details provided or we did not receive correct details.
    • The required volume was not completed.
  • Why doesn't the system let me request a withdrawal?

    If you have opened positions, you will not be able to withdraw your entire Available Balance. A minimum amount is needed to maintain a Maintenance Margin.
    (Available Balance – Maintenance Margin) and margin > = 1% = Max Withdrawal Amount

  • How long does it take to process a withdrawal?

    Withdrawal requests take up to five business days to process. Delays beyond our control might occur due to third party withdrawal payment methods (i.e. credit card company, the wiring bank or intermediary banks which delay transfers, in extreme cases, of up to 3 weeks).

  • What withdrawal options do you have?

    Your withdrawal is processed via the same method that the deposit was made. If you deposit via credit card, any withdrawal amounts will be returned to that credit card. Likewise, if a deposit is made via bank transfer, the withdrawals will be transferred back to your bank account. Other deposits made by e-wallet will be returned as a bank transfer or by the Skrill/ Netteler e-wallet.

  • If my withdrawal amount exceeds the amount I have deposited, how can I withdraw?

    Simply follow the withdrawal procedure and the funds will be returned based on the method that the deposit was made.

  • Where can I find a withdrawal form?

    Please log in to your account, click Account Options > Funds Management > Withdrawal requests > please click on Details next to pending withdrawal request.

  • Why was my withdrawal form not accepted?

    Please sign the form with a pen, as virtual signatures cannot be accepted.
    Please be sure to send us a full form, and not just parts of it. We need the original form completed in full, showing our company logo.
    Make sure that the date on your withdrawal form is the same date as when you make the request.

  • How long does it take to receive my funds?

    Usually it takes up to 10 business days if the refund is made through bank transfer or credit/debit card. E-wallets payments appear in your account the same moment your withdrawal was approved.

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